Automation safety and CE marking of industrial plants and machines

Are you building a new industrial plant or maybe doing an automation project in an existing one? Regardless, you need to do risk assessments and create a safe final solution.


Maybe you are doing it yourself and feel very unsecure? You might feel a frustration in that the process is taking too long and that you (as inexperienced) need to keep everything together and handle suppliers of safety components, CE marking consultants and electrical designers. Maybe the electrical desing does not fully comply with the requirements that the CE-marking consultant has stated?  And maybe you feel very uncertain that the final result is actually safe?

We have met all of these situations over the years and have realized that in order to find cost effective solutions and CE mark an industrial plant or maybe a robotic cell you need to have long experience and wide knowledge of the formal requirements as well as what actually works in the field. 

At Zatisfy we can take full responsibility of the entire chain of an automation safety project, from risk assessment and electrical design to ordering components, assembly and finally CE marking the solution.  Contact us today!