As a startup we know that one needs to be careful where money is spent. If your company is developing a product, which in the end needs to be CE-marked, we have identified a risk that the work with CE-marking is started way too late in the development process. 

This approach may well be a recipe for expensive last minute changes and maybe even a patch-work where things like safety is added in the last second.

At Zatisfy we realize that we can help to create safer products  by helping companies start  working with safety and CE-marking early and this is exactly in line with what we want to do.


CE-start will help your company get a good start with CE-marking your product.

What is CE-start?

The purpose is to help companies to start the work with CE-marking early in their process. CE-Start will help companies understand what is expected of them when it comes to CE-marking and documentation around that. At the initial meeting we will discuss your situation, give concrete suggestions for further work and help you to get a good start so that you will avoid unneccessary surprises at the end of your product development process. At the follow-up meeting we will look at the work you have performed in between the meetings and further concrete tips are given.

CE-Start costs 4900 SEK* and spans over two separate Skype- or phone sessions after which you will have the tools to be able to continue working with CE-marking your product by yourself if you want.


Use the form to report your interest and we will contact you to book a first meeting. Please attach files that can help us understand your product beforehand.

*startups are offered CE-Start free of charge during their first year of business. 

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