Developing a product should not be more tricky than 1-2-3!


Regardless if it is the machinery directive, the EMC directiv, LVD directive or why not the driective concerining medical devices there are certain basics that my customers are facing. You are uncertain of where to start, not sure how to work with the requirements and not even certain when you are finished!

We have the methods to make you not needing to think about any of that! We have a number of tools that makes us succeed with this but in order for us to do that we need to know some things first. How do we begin? Well, by a simple phone call.

"Zatisfy was founded because I saw a need to simplify CE marking, in my  experience it was too difficult to get started. Many of my customers confirm this and I love when we manage to straighen question marks and make the customer proceed towards their end goal! "

- Roberth Jonsson, founder and CEO Zatisfy AB

Fill in your details and we will get in touch!

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Först pratar vi lite, du får förklara vad ni gör, era problem och möjligheter. Var är ni idag, var vill ni komma och vilka hinder ser ni för att komma dit?

Beroende på vad vi kommer fram till så rekommenderar vi ett nästa steg. Det kan vara att vi kan hjälpa er men det kan lika gärna vara något annat, som att ni själva kan lösa era frågetecken eller kanske någon i vårt nätverk av konsulter.


Du har en plan, en möjlighet, utstakad för att komma ifrån den situation som frustrerar dig just nu!