Does any of this sound familiar?

  • We have started developing our product and realized that we need to follow EN 13849 and now we are stuck!

  • We feel the standard unapproachable, difficult and hard to interpret!

  • We don't even know where to start!

  • We have attended several training courses but when it all comes down to it it is still like starting from a blank paper.

  • We have had a consultant that was supposed to help us but that did turn out to be of no value. 

  • We are stressing around and trying different solutions. We have probably tried all of the solutions one can find on the web.  

  • We have downloaded SISTEMA and planned to use that but it is not at all adapted to deveolping products, plus there is a whole lot of other papers that needs to be produced but there is no support for that in SISTEMA!

  • Everythin is taking so long!


Does any, or several, of these bulletpoints sound familiar??

That is not strange. The standard is unfortunately not as overlookable as one would like and definetily not one that one can start working with directly. I started out like that once and it took several training courses and many, many hours of reading and discussion with people before the different aspects was getting clear. 

We have clients whom we have help to turn all of these feelings of uncertainty into clarity and we  can also help YOU to: 

  • know exactly what to do and in what order.

  • know that you, once the project is completed will fulfil all aspects of the standard and can get the peace of mind that such insights means. 

  • Won't need consultants that do all the work but rather build the knowledge inhouse. 

  • Won't need to send personnel to different training courses in EN 13849 and machine safety.

  • Obtain deep understanding for the different steps. 

  • Cut development time by months!

Of course this limited space is not enough to explain all aspects of our offer but we have developed a method that will take you from point A to point B in a painless matter!

I would be happy to explain this for you in more detail and that is easiest done by booking a cost free strategy call with me today! We will spend 30 min to talk about EN 13849 and your product and I guarantee that you will gain insights from the conversation. Book now!

- Roberth Jonsson, Zatisfy AB

"We chose to go for the coaching portal for developing products according to EN 13849. It is so great! Very pedagogical with step-wise instructions on what to do next. It was just a very smooth project to manager when all my designer knew exactly the requirements at each step. With the coaching set-up where Roberth reviewed our documents continuosly, the circle was complete."


Agne, Project manager at large Danish control system manufacturer.


Below you can download a template for the SRS and the risk assessment, both of which are part of the vital first steps in the process. So please feel free to download those free gifts!