We want companies to develop their products in a way so that they are automagically CE marked!

Are you unsure whether your products are fully documented in accordance with CE requirements? Have you carried out a risk assessment? Is it up-to-date?

Product development?

Do you need to develop a product and need to put together a team to do so? Are you uncertain how to deal with all the product requirements (from old projects, the market, standards etc)? 

Training in CE marking and machine safety?

Would you like to know more about the CE marking process? Perhaps learn more about machine safety? Do you want to train a specific employee or an entire team? Through a one-day training session or long term through a mentorship?

Workshop for your futuristic idea?

Do you have an idea that is futuristic and exciting? Are you uncertain if you need to need to apply safety standards? If so how?

Is this something that struck a chord with you? Contact US and we can talk more!
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