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I am so glad I piqued your interest and made you want to visit our site! I run the consultancy Zatisfy and focus primarily on safety of machinery and functionsal safety. As a iVT reader I offer you a free strategy call where we discuss your situation and problems. I promise you will feel it as time well spent. Click below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


We have long experience in developing safe control systems from scratch. Do you want to do most work yourself or would you rather do as little as possible? No matter how you want it done, we adjust our cooperation accordingly! Contact us today! 

Some of our Zatisfied customers

"We believe in that one should do what one is best at. We know CE marking of products and safety of machinery especially well, what are your area of expertise? Let us find a solution where we can use our strengths in the best way!"

Roberth Jonsson, Zatisfy AB


What happens now?



First we'll talk a bit. You will expain in your own words your torubles and possibilities. Where are you today, what are your goals and what obstacles do you see to get there?

Depending on where our discussion leads us we try to find the next step. It could be that we can help but it can as easily be that you can handle the situation now or maybe someone in our network of consultants can help?


Now you have a plan, a possibility, in place so that yoy can get away from the situation that frustrates you right now!


"Vi hade en tid brottats med hur vi skulle klassificera en av våra produkter när vi började samarbete med Roberth på Zatisfy. Resultatet blev en tydlig och klar rapport som vi kunde enkelt applicera på vår produkt och det är nu tydligt vilka krav som gäller för produkten"

Linus Löfmark 

Konstruktör, We-Make AB

"Zatisfy hjälpte oss genom hela CE-märkningsprocessen med t.ex. riskbedömning och granskning av bruksanvisningen. Vi fick mycket goda råd och processen resulterade i en totalt sett säkrare produkt"


Henrik Johansson, VD Trejon Försäljning AB. www.trejon.se

“Roberth from Zatisfy visited us to talk through all the safety aspects of our long term and short term goals. We found it easy to work with Zatisfy and was given concrete advice on how the plans could be made so that we would not found trouble going forward with the projects”


Petri Moisio, VP Engineering Novatron OY

"V​år produkt, en lampa, kändes ganska enkel men när vi väl själva skulle försöka hitta vilka krav som gällde visste vi helt enkelt inte var vi skulle börja. Roberth gav oss en grundkurs i CE märkning och sen en analys av produkten som var mycket enkel att följa och förstå. Det visade sig att produkten ska följa såväl LVD som EMCD!


Pontus Möller, VD Furniture Farm

No matter what your questions may be within CE, we can help!