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Selection of competencies

  • Risk assessment on automation plants

  • Electrical design

  • Practical application of standars like, EN 13857, EN 60204, EN 13850 etc.

  • Assemling and design of electrical system


  • ePlan

  • Cedoc

  • Sistema

  • Visio

Work life experience

  • 2017-2020 Responsible for safety / documentation / CE-marking - Robotic automation company. 

  • 2015-2017 Electrical designer / Project management- Robotic automation company. 

  • 2007-2014 Electrical designer / developer - Consultancy.

Johan EK

CE Coach and electrical designer

"I have worked in swedish industry for many years and almost always with automation or other electrical surroundings, having worked with everything from assembling on site to electrical design (CAD). I started working with safety and CE marking when I realized the difference one could make in an operators everyday life if the solutions are both safe and user friendly. At Zatisfy I am responsible for all plant automation safety projects that we manage. 

I have a long practlical experience combined with an ability to see electrical solutions that are very cost effectivce. I run projects from an idea on paper to a complete, installed and CE marked solution. We can do the electrical design (we use ePlan) as well as purchasing, delivering and assembling components, all depending on what the customer needs!


What I do best is to find safe and cost effective solutions for my customers and what I like best is to follow the project from the start to the very end."

  - Johan Ek 

"What I do best is to find safe and cost effective solutions for my customers"