Coaching - EN 13849

The standard EN ISO 13849 is the basic standard for safety of machinery /functional safety. It can be used for safety in industrial fascilities as well as products so it is quite wide and frankly a bit hard to grasp.  When Roberth met a cutomer who asked the question "where do we start?" the answer was not entirely simple. The customer had the man-power, will and time to learn so what to do? A coaching program perhaps? Well, after having provided a prrof of concept the customer was in and we was at a go!

The result is a program where one gets to know the basics of the standard, step-by-step, through templates, examples and explanatory videos.

By listening to the customers needs the different aspects of the standard could be explained. 

This approach meant a easy ride to an approved final product. 

What is CE-Coach?

CE-Coach is a coaching program that gives you access to a adapted digital portal that guides you through the process through templates, examples and explanatory videos. You create the documentation and we review it! 

​This unique approach gives you a assurance that you will get  through the process in a very comfortable manner. 


CE-Coach is offered based on what kind of product you have and where you are in the process. 

To day there is a completed coach program for developing products according to EN ISO 13849. Läs mer här.


THese are examples of what directives and standards that can be supported by a coaching program adapted especially for you:

  • CE marking of a product with a product standard (like EN 12999) against the machinery directive.

  • CE Marking of lifting hooks against the machinery directive. 

  • CE marking of other kinds of products against other directives.  


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