CE Marking

Process Development

It is not uncommon for us to get a request to help CE mark a product or automation plant solution when all of the design work is already done. Fine, we can do that, but it is definitely not effective for the customer nor is it benificial for the final cost of the project. 

Imagine the cost of late stage changes in the project. One can easily imagine the possible cost increase we are facing of a major change needs to be incorporated which, unfortunately, can be the case if one starts working the CE marking stuff too late. 

Once we have completed a project such as that, we often continue working together to find whether we can change the way the customer works, and often we can! 

We have developed methods to quickly find, sort and adjust the processes of the customer so that CE marking is not a bubble at the end of the process but rather integrated automatically in the development process. 

Is late stage changes causing high costs in your projects? Do you not really include CE marking in your processes? Would you like to discuss alternatives? 

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